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PhD students and Postdocs

Undoubtedly, the best part of the job of being a professor is getting to work with students. That includes undergraduate, MS and PhD students. But because one spends so much time, working so closely, with PhD students, that bond is certainly the closest. Here are the graduated PhD students whose PhD committee's I've chaired or co-chaired, and the postdoctoral researchers I've also had the priviledge to work with (along with their initial, recent, or current position):

Supratik Bhattacharyya (Co-chair), Sprint Labs, now Amazon
Vasanta Chaganti, Postdoc, Swarthmore College
Weifeng Chen (Co-chair), John Jay College, CUNY
Timur Friedman (Co-chair), Sorbonne University, Paris
Zihui Ge (Co-Chair), AT&T Research
Majid Ghaderi, Postdoc, U. Calgary
Yang Guo, Postdoc, Alcatel Bell Labs, now National Institute of Standards
D. Gyllstrom (Chair), Akamai
Simon Heimlicher, Postdoc, ETH
Ren Hung Hwang (Chair), National Chen Chung U., Taiwan
Sharad Jaiswal (Chair), Lucent Bell Labs, now Instart
Ping Ji (Co-chair), John Jay College, CUNY
Sneha Kasera (Co-chair), Univ. Utah
Ramin Khalili, Postdoc, EPFL, Switzerland, now Huawei
Victoria Manfredi (Chair), BBN Technoligies, now Wesleyan University
Vishal Misra, Postdoc, Columbia U.
Ramesh Nagarajan (Chair), Lucent Bell Labs
Sue Moon (Co-chair), Korea Advanced Inst. Of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Jitendra Padhye (Co-chair), Microsoft Research
Sridhar Pingali (Chair), Sapient Corp.
Ramachandran Ramjee (Co-chair), Microsoft Research Bangalore
Elisha Rosensweig (Chair), Alcatel-Lucent, now Verbit.ai
Dan Rubenstein (Co-chair), Columbia University
Sambit Sahu (Co-chair), IBM Research
Henning Schulzrinne (Chair), Columbia U.
Anand Seetharam (Chair), Cal. State Monterey, now Binghampton U.
Suresh Singh (Chair), Portland State U.
Kyoungwon Suh (Co-chair), Illinois State University
Rahul Simha (Chair), George Washington University
Bing Wang,(Co-Chair), University of Connecticut
Maya Yajnik, (Chair) Telcordia, now TEKsystems
Sookhyun Yang (Chair), Akamai, now Samsung
David Yates (Chair), Bentley College
Wei Wei (Co-chair), United Technologies, now U. Connecticut
Chun Zhang (Co-chair), IBM Research, now PayPal
Ellen Zhang (Co-chair), Fordham